A MUSLIM leader has condemned the “dangerous” spoof ISIS recruitment posters which have been nailed to trees on a busy street.

The posters, which invite people to sign-up to the terror group at The Walnut Tree Pub, Leytonstone, were mysteriously placed around the High Road on Tuesday.

They feature a photo of extremists in front of a set of music drums being burned and read: “Ever wanted to see the world, fight against rock music and get paid for the pleasure?

“Come and join ISIS.

“We have a strict policy of denying membership to the following real Muslims, Christians, atheists, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and members of the LGBT community.”

Yusuf Hansa, the chairman of Noor Ul Islam moMosque in High Road in Leyton, said although the posters seem to be a prank they are sending out a worrying message.

He said: “Muslims believe in peace and we believe that if we kill one person it is as if we kill the whole world.

“Of course there are some people who use the name of Islam to create violence. These people are not Muslim.

“We shouldn’t involve ourselves in anything violent.

“The poster is a prank but it is wrong.

“One should not do this in this day and age especially.

“It is dangerous.”

Deputy leader of the Waltham Forest Labour Group, Clyde Loakes, who represents Leytonstone, said they were removed earlier this week - but more have appeared.

He said: "As soon as we were made aware of this spate of flyposting our neighbourhood officers took immediate action to get them removed from all locations.

“However in some locations they were put up again.

“We are continuing to monitor for them and have also visited Leytonstone Tube Station and other local public premises to make staff aware of them, this has also included local pubs.

“We have also been able to obtain CCTV footage of someone putting up one of these posters which we are following up on, working in partnership with local Police."

The posters feature the logos of Daily Express, Lexcorp and Ontario Goat.

Jennifer Haley, executive director of Ontario Goat based in Canada, said: "Ontario Goat’s logo is being used without permission or our authorization.

“Ontario Goat is not affiliated with any of the organizations listed on the poster and we take this matter seriously.”

A spokesman for Weatherspoons, which runs the Walnut Tree Pub, said: "Obviously this poster is in very poor taste.

"Any right-minded person will be aware that this has nothing to do with Weatherspoons whatsoever.

"Our staff are fully aware of the poster and if it causes problems we will contact the police."

Chief Inspector of Neighbourhood Policing Jon Simpson: said: "We are aware of the posters and would urge local people not to be unduly concerned.

"We have spoken to the premises involved and also local people in an effort to reassure and an investigation is underway to consider possible offences".