A FATHER-OF-TWO swam three miles, cycled for 60 and completed a triathlon in his quest to prevent children dying from heart attacks.

Danny Hyde decided to start training people in first aid around five years ago when he realised how few of his fellow parents knew what to do if their child became seriously ill.

He said: “In practical terms I started the business so we could afford to have our second child.

“But as soon as I got the ball rolling it became a real passion of mine.

“I couldn’t believe how many of my friends with kids didn’t know any emergency first aid.”

Earlier this year Mr Hyde, who lives in Loughton with his wife and two sons, took on the challenge of crowdfunding enough money to get life-saving defibrillators in as many schools and nurseries as possible.

After raising enough to get three installed across South Woodford, Woodford Green and Epping Forest, he is now onto his fourth, which he hopes to see at Incey Wincey’s Nursery in South Woodford soon.

He added: “People don’t think heart attacks happen to small children, but the sad fact is they do.

“Every year, 270 children die after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest at school or nursery.

“The bottom line is if a child suffers a cardiac arrest but has a defibrillator and good CPR, their chances of staying alive go from six per cent to 74 per cent, which is just incredible.”

Mr Hyde said the £850 defibrillator can be used by passers-by who get into trouble too.

Despite cycling 60 miles, swimming for three across a freezing lake in Essex, and completing a triathlon over the summer, the crowdfunding total for Incey Wincey’s is only £50 so far.

Nursery owner and manager Hannah Ince says she feels “extremely honoured” to have been chosen as the next nursery to benefit from the lifesaving equipment.

She said: “Danny has been our first aid trainer and a good friend of mine for the last five years and he’s trained all my staff to an exceptional level.

“With his help I hope we can raise the funds we need and potentially save lives.”

To donate, see the JustGiving website.