PLANS to double the number of bike hangars in the borough has divided the community.

Deputy council leader, cllr Clyde Loakes, announced a plan to double the “hugely popular” bike hangars on the Facebook group, ‘Leytonstone Councillors’.

So far, there are 60 bicycle hangars across Waltham Forest, and this will increase to 120 if the plans go ahead.

The hangars allow up to six bicycles to be securely locked away, but it also takes away one parking space from car owners.

While some people in the community are glad there will be more parking for their bikes, some are far from happy.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Walthamstow Village is home to numerous bike hangars

Maria Harper said parking is beyond ridiculous on her road and on some nights she has to park two streets away from her home.

She added: “I don’t expect to park outside my home but on the same block would be nice, it is not easy with three young kids.”

Jack Noble said it is inevitable the council will make most of Leyton and Leytonstone a CPZ.

He added: “I am a cyclist and I would normally welcome this, but parking in our road has become farcical.

“The other night I had to park three streets away.”

Philip Herlihy pointed out that one of these hangars takes care of the transport needs of six residents in the space taken by one private car.

He added: “The motivation to nudge us all to lean away from cars and towards clean, healthy sustainable cycling is an honourable one.”

“Mini-Holland was originally touted as making cycling safer and easier.

“These deliver on that, with minimal impact on anyone else.”

Restaurant owner, Shah Ahmed, said he loves the cycle hangers and called for an award to be given to their inventor.

He added: “Bicycles are much more economical than cars which could go towards your new home or a holiday."