A FLOWER bed that brightens up a Tube station risks dying out if someone does not step in to save it.

The large flowerbeds on the eastbound platform at Snaresbrook Tube Station were planted several years ago by London Underground staff at the station.

But after staffing policy changes the flower bed has been left unattended and guerilla gardener group Wanstead Community Gardeners (WCG) say they “can’t take it on” because of all the other work they are doing throughout Wanstead and Snaresbrook.

WCG founder Marian Temple said: “We can’t take it on, we’re pretty much at full stretch maintaining about 20 patches.

“But we are in a good position to organise a new commuter gardening group.

“It makes absolute sense for station users to take over some possession of the garden, as it makes a real difference to the station and the surroundings.”

For more information on how to get involved email wanstead.community.gardeners@gmail.com.