A SINGLE mother has lashed out at a housing authority for “doing nothing” about her mould infested house.

Lindsay Morey, of Maynard Road in Walthamstow, says mould and leaks are causing her children’s health to suffer.

The 33-year-old has lived in the three-bedroom property run by Mears Group on behalf of Waltham Forest Council for nine years.

But Mears Group have accused the mother-of-four of refusing them access to the house for repairs and cancelling numerous appointments.

Miss Morey disputes this. She said: “It is ridiculous to say I wouldn’t let them in - I have never refused to let them in. They booked in three days for repairs in November and never showed up.

“They have come round five times and all they’ve done is taken pictures, done nothing about the problem. I never cancelled an appointment – that is a load of rubbish.

“I had to take my two-year-old to the doctors twice in two weeks with a chest infection and cough. I am annoyed that nobody is helping me get out of here.”

Miss Morey takes her children, aged between two and 15 years, to her mother’s house in Chingford every day to wash because their bathroom floor is constantly wet due to leaks.

She claims when an inspector from the housing authority visited last September he ordered a full refurbishment of the property but no one has turned up to carry out repairs.

The family of five have now resorted to sleeping in two bedrooms because the third is damp and has leaking windows.

She said: “Over the years the house has deteriorated and the mould comes every winter. It is disgusting.

“The windows are leaking and the floor in the bathroom is constantly wet. There is damp coming up from under the floor as well.

“The whole house needs to be refurbished and I feel disgusted that they expect us to live in this. It is not fit for anybody to live in.”

A spokesman for Mears Group said: “We are aware of requests to inspect and carry out work at the property concerned and have tried our hardest to rectify these with the tenant.

“However, we have struggled to gain entry to the premises as the tenant has either refused us access or cancelled appointments on a regular basis. We have a detailed list of trying to set up appoint-ments with this tenant but have been frustrated by the lack of access.

“Finally it is worthy of note that we have not received a single formal complaint from the tenant in question. If the tenant was able to make a firm appointment and let us in to inspect the issues being raised then we could fix them as soon as possible but we need co-operation to progress.”