BUSINESS owners in a high street say they have had enough of people leaving their cars parked outside their shops all day so they can sit in nearby cafes.

The one way system in Leyton High Road between Church Road and Sedgwick Road allows drivers 15 minutes free parking during week days.

But Thomas Brown who has owned Brown’s DIY for over 30 years said people have taken over the street and park there from 10am until 4pm every day.

The 72-year-old said: “It’s an utter nightmare. There’s not an inch of parking space and it’s like this every single day. I never see traffic wardens here.

“I’ve lost most of my customers because they have nowhere to park and they feel intimidated. I’ve had enough of it.

“I told them they can’t have the street to themselves.

"But it’s an impossible situation because the council don’t want to know about it.”

Earlier this year police issued Mr Brown with a panic button in his store because tensions have been running high.

Supervisor at Brown’s DIY, Lily Michael, said: “When the deliveries arrive there’s nowhere for them to park. I have often asked the customers in the cafes and restaurants to move their cars and they refuse.”

Blue badge holder Ronald Kennard, 73, said he is forced to walk to the shops because he has been "ordered" not to park on the street.

He said: “I’m not going to start an argument with them in case they get aggressive.

“Now I have to walk to the shop with a walking stick. I’m sick of it. The council should be doing more to stop this kind of thing.”

Naila Malik, a travel agent at Travel Express said: “Almost every day there are people who park on the street and they don’t move all day while they stay in cafes.

“It’s a bit annoying because our customers tell us they drive round and round looking for a space. Nothing is being done about it.”

Owner of Al Jazeera restaurant in Leyton High Road, Omar Abu Bakr, denied that his customers have taken over the street with their cars.

He said: “It is not my customers who are parking on the street all day. I want the council to give us all one hour free parking because 15 minutes is not enough to come in and eat.”

Abdi Ibrahim who owns Dheere Café in Leyton High Road said: “Most of my customers are taxi drivers so they don’t stay all day.

“Sometimes if there’s football on people leave their cars here all day to go and watch it but it’s not my customers.”

Cllr Clyde Loakes, deputy leader and cabinet member for environment, said: “We have issued over 800 penalty charge notices in this stretch of Leyton High Road over the past 12 months and the street is patrolled daily."

“We are not aware of any issues with the parking bays on this particular stretch of road." but we have informed our contractor about the concerns raised so we can ensure they are carrying out any necessary enforcement.”