In recent years, the tech industry has produced a string of young billionaires who have revolutionised the way we live our lives.

But, at just eight years old, robotics whizz-kid Callum Daniel may yet have the beating of them all.

The Walthamstow schoolboy has founded his own firm, iCodeRobots, to share his passion with other children.

Callum will run classes teaching youngsters how to build and programme robots, something he has been learning to do since he was just four.

His project is already being backed by Loughborough University London in Stratford and the London Design and Engineering University Technical College (LDEUTC) in Docklands.

The St Mary’s pupil first became fascinated with robots after seeing Titan the Robot, a partly-mechanised costume controlled by an actor, during a show at Butlins. 

Callum said: “I developed a fascination with robots at four, when I met Titan.

“I wanted to find out how Titan worked and if I could build something so awesome. 

“That Christmas my Mum bought me a Meccanoid G1 robot kit, which took me four weeks to build.

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Callum has already been invited to speak at a Bloomberg event

“I demonstrated the robot at my school assembly and the interest from children everywhere was surprising.

“I was surrounded by a group of children who, like myself, enjoyed building robots but some couldn’t afford a kit. 

“I asked my mum to enrol me on a robotic course, but couldn’t find one local to us, so I decided to set up my own company.”

Callum is already making waves in the industry and last month was invited to take part in a panel along with other promising young entrepreneurs as part of Bloomberg’s UKBlackTech event.

Callum’s mother, Dionne Daniel, 37, said: “Before he goes to school every day, he will wake up early and work on his robotics, he is completely self-taught, he watches videos on YouTube to learn and improve.

“I am so proud because he is one of the youngest in his year so when he looked at his other classmates he thought they were surer of themselves.

“But he did not realise how amazing he is, I am just ecstatic that he has finally found an area where he is accepted.

“What Callum is trying to create is a real robotics movement, everything he is doing is specifically for kids and everything he does is fun.”

Callum will be offering robotics classes aimed at children between the ages of six and 12 from later this month at Loughborough University London’s campus at the Olympic Park. 

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