A WOMAN who started a running club by accident wants “to inspire a new generation of runners”.

Lindsey Tuley, of Woodford Green, is bringing Run2Be to Wanstead next year to boost people’s confidence and get them fit.

Ms Tuley, who founded the running club with a difference three years ago, wants people who feel they lack the capabilities to get involved.

One of Run2Be’s members recommended Ms Tuley expand to the “close knit community” of Wanstead.

The 48-year-old says: “One of the runners asked if we thought about setting up in Wanstead. I don’t really know the area but she said it’s a close knit community and I like that.

“We’re a non-competitive, inclusive organisation. We want to inspire a new generation of runners regardless of age, colour and gender."

An eight week running course will begin on January 10 at 10am departing from Grove Road car park. Membership costs £40 per person.