A DISABLED mother faces a brighter future after finally getting “the Rolls Royce of wheelchairs.”

A whopping £22,000 was raised by family and friends of Leanne Thompson, of Maybank Road, South Woodford, 46, who cannot stand up or walk on her own and relies on others to take her out.

Mrs Thompson was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a connective tissue disorder causing weakness and fragility in her organs and blood vessels, when she was 29.

After two years of relentless fundraising, Perimobile, the company that makes the technology, gave Mrs Thompson the £25,000 wheelchair, but she still needs £4,000 to fully pay for extras.

Mrs Thompson said: “It feels a bit unreal and surreal to be honest. “I can’t believe it. I’m humbled by the people who raised the money. It’s been done over a couple of years by donating, fundraising.

“It’s the Rolls Royce of wheelchairs and will make a massive difference to my life. Other people I know with the same condition who recommended the chair said you don’t realise what impact it will have until you sit in it.”

The former artistic rollerskater and amateur dramatist can now look forward to doing all the things she enjoys with her new mobility.

She said: “A lot of things were taken away from me by EDS. I was still skating when I got married at 23. I’ve got a different set of wheels now.

“I’ve got two Yorkshire terriers. They will fit an extender bar on the chair so I can put the dogs’ leads on. I couldn’t do that before but now I can.

“I’m an independent person - I always was and try to get out as often as possible. This chair makes that easier. I can spend more time with family and friends and go to church.

“I have a strong Christian faith and I believe I got this through prayer.”

She thanked All Saints Church in Highams Park for their efforts in the fundraising campaign, as well as her husband Steve for supporting her.

To celebrate, Mrs Thompson’s son Lewis and family friend Lynn O’Brien organised a party at Connaught Tennis Club, Chingford, with nibbles, music and drinks on the menu.

Mrs Thompson said: “I was gobsmacked by how much people helped. I couldn’t have done it without them. Lynn said she’d get me the chair by the end of 2017 and she did.”