Careful who you vote for

Labour members of the planning committe approved the scheme at The Mall in the face of massive opposition, much of which was driven by the lack of any affordable rented homes.

The Conservative member voted against because just 20 per cent of the scheme will be ‘shared-ownership’, which isn’t really ‘affordable’ at all.

The protest continues, with leaflets being delivered across Waltham Forest and letters going to the London Mayor, who still has to approve the scheme.

Yet the just-published Cabinet papers reveal another scheme on council land coming forward with the expectation of just 25 per cent ‘affordable’.

Is the Labour leadership of our council listening, or just ploughing arrogantly on assuming the people of Walthamstow, Leyton and Leytonstone will vote for them come what may?

Be careful who you vote for in May if you don’t want this to continue, as they seek to build over 40,000 new homes in Waltham Forest.

Cllr John Moss

Con/Larkswood ward