How to Change Your Lifestyle: The Incredible Story of Agnes The Ant and Fred The Anteater is a book to help change the habits of children. It is for little ones aged eight and above - or for adults with a good sense of humour.

Written by Chingford author Joanna M Borys who describes it as “a fiction scenario to a non-fiction life transformation”.

The story is about being overweight and the impact it has on life. It looks at life in a virtual world of social media where people Photoshop their profile picture, skip school and avoid any form of exercise.

Deep in the Brazilian rainforest Agnes, the enormous ant, has been launched into the air from the volcano looking anthill. Unfortunately her landing isn’t very lucky!

She bumps on the head of the extremely starved anteater, Fred, who claims to be a vegetarian with vegan option preference.

The reader can follow the process of transformation which begins at the ultimate point where everything seems to be wasted and lost, to finding the right person to help or finding the motivation within oneself is the turning point in one`s journey to achieve what sometimes seems to be almost impossible.

The book looks at eating healthy food, exercising, daily habits, fitness, as well as diversity, prejudices, uncommon friendships and acceptance.

All of this wrapped into what hopes to be a humorous story about an oversized ant, who just failed her nuptial flight and destroyed her anthill, but managed to find a friend for life – an anteater!

He will be the one who changes her life. Then roles change and the ant will help the anteater to make his dream come true.

Joanna has been writing down her ideas for children`s stories since she was a schoolgirl, but it was not until she had children of her own that she truly understood her old note book “is a real treasure box and it deserves to be finally discovered and opened”.

The book is available online. It is illustrated by Magdalena Bustowska.