A WALTHAM Forest Council employee uploaded a video containing “sensitive information” to Youtube, a report filled with damning personal data breaches has revealed.

The report by private consultants Agilisys noted the council is currently not currently compliant with data protection regulations.

It also shows how personal information was wrongly disclosed 18 times and e-mails were sent to the wrong person five times.

Meanwhile, laptops were lost or stolen ten times.

In total, 39 council employees and partners were investigated in 2017 for failing to protect important information.

The number of investigations was up 50 per cent since 2016.

The council has until May 25 to ensure it is compliant with data protection laws - if it does not, it could be taken to court.

Waltham Forest Council continues to work with consultants to address its data protection practices.

Issues highlighted included a lack of training and the need for more consistent handling of queries.

The maximum fine under new regulations could be up to £500,000 for serious data breaches by a local authority.

Cllr Liaquat Ali, cabinet member for transformation and commercial services, said: “The new general data protection regulations come into effect on Friday 25 May and Waltham Forest Council is being proactive in preparing for the new guidelines.

“The report outlines for members what work has been done to prepare for general data protection regulations and reassures them that the council is ready, reflecting the recommendations of an independent review into the council’s data protection practices.”