Women who have been sexually harassed in the street can now get help from a dedicated text service.

Those who have been wolf whistled, cat called, groped, followed or photographed without permission in Waltham Forest can report incidents by texting 61016 and will receive advice and support.

The service was introduced by Waltham Forest council and was launched on International Women’s Day on Thursday.

On the same day neighbourhood officers, residents and students took to the streets to hand out flyers to raise awareness about sexual harassment.

Cllr Grace Williams, cabinet member for community safety and cohesion, said: “We want to give a message that it is not acceptable to sexually harass people either verbally or physically.

“Together we can take a stand against everyday sexism and help create a safer environment for everyone. We will not tolerate this behaviour in Waltham Forest.”

Threatening someone in a public space is a crime and those who do this can be fined or charged with a criminal offence.

A poll by YouGov found 85 per cent of women aged 18 to 24 have experienced sexual harassment in public spaces.

Only 11 per cent of these women reported that someone else intervened when they experienced unwanted sexual touching in a public place.

A total of 81 per cent said they would have liked someone to do so.

The survey also revealed that of the women who have received unwanted sexual attention and unwanted sexual touching, more than a quarter were aged under 16 the first time it happened, and more than three quarters were under 21.

If you have been a victim of or have witnessed sexual harassment in a public place, text 61016 to report it and to get support.