Hundreds of people came to the UK from Commonwealth countries after the Second World War.

They were called here by Her Majesty’s Government to work and support the British economy.

These people are known as the Windrush generation; named after one of the boats that brought some of them to the UK from Jamaica.

The group were made up of nurses, doctors, builders, tradesmen and other skilled workers and they all made a huge contribution to post-war Britain. Theycontinue to do so today.

The Home Office, when Theresa May was home secretary, developed what they called “a hostile environment” for illegal immigrants within the UK from 2010.

This was designed to find and deport those who weren’t legally entitled to be here.

Members of the Windrush generation are perfectly entitled to be in the UK. They were called here by our Government at the time.

However, some of the Windrush generation have been threatened with deportation if they couldn’t legally prove their right to be in the UK.

Some have left the UK to visit relatives abroad and have not be allowed back in.

The Home Office lost, misplaced or may even have shredded, the landing cards given to all Windrush individuals as they came off the boats after the war.

These documents would have acted as legal paperwork to prove the generation’s right to remain in the UK legally.

MPs and political commentators are blaming Theresa May’s “hostile environment” for the mistakes and the upset caused – including the separation of many families across the UK.