A lorry has dumped rubbish and what was thought to be asbestos near a school.

At around 12.30am on Wednesday (May 16) a truck poured a large pile of waste onto Hoe Lane in Abridge.

Police arrived early in the morning to cordon off the road but the rubbish remained, prompting a resident to call Epping Forest District Council at 5.45am.

A Biffa crew was sent to the site to remove the rubbish.

According to the resident who asked not to be named however, the refuse collectors removed only part before declaring there to be asbestos in the pile.

All types of asbestos have been banned in the UK since 1999 due to the cancer causing qualities of it fibres.

The mound was left on the road until the following morning, when a specialist waste disposal crew determined that it was not the carcinogenic material.

The resident remained concerned the rubbish had been left for so long when its toxicity was unclear.

He said: "I phoned the council and was told the police hadn't reported it.

"The council sent Biffa along to clear it up. They said there is asbestos there. They have just left it there.

"There is a massive amount of dust that goes up when cars go past.

"Lambourne school is just down the road. It is quite windy as well.

"It is indicative of this council. They can do what they want."

The district council has been contacted for comment.