A pensioner is calling for tougher action against cyclists who speed through a pedestrianised zone, turning it into a “death trap” for shoppers.

Ronald Payne claims he has had numerous near misses with cyclists on the ramp off Leyton High Road which leads to Leyton Mills Retail Park.

The 68-year-old of Elsham Road, Leytonstone wants signs to be erected telling cyclists they must dismount before entering the pathway. 

The retired revenue inspector at Transport for London said: “When I’m walking, the cyclists come up from behind me and whizz past me.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

“I’m unaware of this and if I was to take a step to the side there could be a serious accident. It’s a death trap.

“I’ve had arguments with cyclists and they swear at me and tell me to piss off.

“Cyclists should be on the roads and not on the pavements for God’s sake.

“If it keeps going like this, someone is going to die. One day a kid is going to run into the path of a bike.”

Mr Payne wants the management of the park, Curson Sowerby, to take the issue seriously before something gets hurt.

He claims fellow gym users at Fitness First in the retail park share his concerns and are particularly worried in the evenings when the area is busy with cyclists heading to the shops.

He has now resorted to warning shoppers to be vigilant in the pathway between TK Maxx and Poundland, where he says bikes weave in and out of pedestrians at high speed.

He added: “I’m so fed up with it – it’s lawlessness and it’s making me angry and frustrated.

“They are cyclists of all different ages and they speed along without caring if they will hit someone.

“There are always elderly people and young children walking about and it’s an accident waiting to happen. 

“Last week I just dodged one of them flying past me. It’s been going on for a very long time and is a very serious issue. It needs to be stopped before someone gets killed.”

MP for Leyton and Wanstead, John Cryer said: “Similar concerns were raised directly with my office last week, and it is something that I am bringing to the council’s attention.

“As a keen cyclist myself, I am nevertheless acutely aware of the danger posed by cycling on pedestrianised areas and would encourage other bike users to use designated cycle paths and roads to get to where they are going, or dismount whenever they reach a pedestrian only part of their journey.”

Waltham Forest Council said because the retail park is privately-owned, it is not responsible for implementing safety measures.

Curson Sowerby has been contacted for comment.