A young mother who was housed in a council flat “not fit to be lived in” suffered bruising to her ribs and leg after wooden floorboards collapsed beneath her.

Rebecca Wilson was assigned temporary accommodation in Hayes, Hilllingdon, by Waltham Forest Council after her landlord made plans to sell the flat she was renting in east London.

The 27-year-old says within weeks of moving into the property in January, fungi started to grow in her bedroom and the hallway and mould appeared on the walls.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

After her toddler broke out in a facial rash and her seven-year-old began having severe migraines, Ms Wilson decided enough was enough and made plans to move to her mum’s in Chingford.

But before the family could move out, the mum-of-two claims she fell almost two feet after the floor in her hallway gave way.

“It was terrifying really,” said Ms Wilson, who is mum to Ediz, seven, and Katie, two.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

“I’ve got bruises all up my leg and it will take up to four weeks to heal.

“I hurt my back and I suffered soft tissue damage to my leg and bruising to my ribs. The doctor is sending me for an x-ray and I was prescribed painkillers and steroid cream.

“I have strong bones but if it was one of the kids they could have broken something because their bones break more easily.”

Ms Wilson says she now has no choice but to sleep on the couch in her mother’s home in Flaxen Close, Chingford, which is causing her back problems to worsen.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

The single mum is adamant she cannot move her family back into the two-bedroom flat, even if repairs are carried out, because of the injuries she suffered.

She is calling on the council to assign her a property in Waltham Forest which in not in need of repair and does not have hygiene issues.

She said: “It was really horrible and unfit to be lived in.

“The flat smelled musky and had wet patches on the walls.

There were mushrooms growing up through the carpet in my bedroom and in the hallway and the walls were damp.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

“After we moved in, my daughter started to break out in a rash on her eyelids and neck. She’s always been a healthy little girl and didn’t get sick until this.”

Cllr Louise Mitchell, cabinet member for housing, said: “The safety of residents in temporary accommodation is our main concern and when we become aware of any issues that may pose a risk to their health we will take immediate action.

“We recently inspected this property and found a disrepair issue. We are making arrangements to transfer the resident to alternative accommodation so that this can be addressed.