Travellers who pitched up on council owned land could face a day in court having refused to move on.

Just after 12am on Tuesday morning a number of caravans were parked up on the fields just off Pyrles Lane in Loughton.

By 12pm specialist gypsy and traveller liaison and enforcement officers working for Essex Police had convinced the group to leave the site, which is managed by the City of London.

However, within the next hour police had spotted the caravans parked on Burney Drive, a one minute drive away.

On Wednesday Epping Forest District Council enforcement officers applied for a court order in a bid to move them on.

As of this morning however, the group had refused to budge.

A council spokesperson said: "The Council asked the travellers to move but they refused.

"They were served an official notice to vacate the land, if they do not comply they will be taken to court which is normal procedure.

"We are doing everything we can to resolve this issue."

While the council are now in charge of the situation, Essex Police are monitoring the area for excessive noise nuisance, fly tipping and dog or human waste left on site.