Waltham Forest is one of the worst boroughs in London for homelessness levels and levels of temporary accommodation outside the borough.

The council is also in the bottom eight for the percentage of people earning below the London Living Wage and cuts to benefits.

According to figures from charity Trust for London, Waltham Forest is placed 30th out of the 32 London boroughs for homelessness levels, 30th out of 32 for temporary accommodation placements outside the borough and 27th out of 32 for benefit cuts.

Currently, of the 2,299 temporary accommodation placements offered by Waltham Forest Council, more than half are outside the borough, with many families involved including young children.

In the 2016/2017 financial year, Waltham Forest benefit claimants lost an average £257 per year from their income.

Cllr Simon Miller, cabinet member for economic growth and high streets, said: “There is huge pressure on housing in London and the council is being proactive in its efforts to tackle the issues. We have recently started one of the largest council-house building programmes in the borough’s history, which has the ambition to provide 1,400 new homes for local residents. Ensuring all our residents have a decent roof over their heads is a priority for us.

“We care deeply about the livelihoods and life chances of our residents, which is why we are being proactive and attracting the extra investment which will provide even more opportunities for them in Waltham Forest. Projects such as the redevelopment of the Mall in Walthamstow will help us to achieve this.

“The council is a London Living Wage employer, and has recently agreed with GLL that leisure centre staff aged 18 to 20 will be paid the London Living Wage. This shows we are determined to secure a decent wage not only for our employees but for our contractors’ staff too.”