Prostitutes will no longer be allowed to operate anywhere in Redbridge after complaints of noise and condoms left on the street.

The authority is the first in the UK to have introduced a borough-wide no prostitution zone.

In the Ilford Lane area, people reported being approached by those trying to buy sex and now avoid going there completely.

The new Public Space Protection Order was brought in following complaints of noise, strewn used condoms and advertising stickers in certain areas of the borough.

The council’s recent move was supported by the public in a consultation earlier this year.

The new order gives council enforcement officers and police the power to hand out on-the-spot fines to disrupt prostitution and soliciting.

Officers will target those trying to buy sex, rather than the prostitutes themselves, who the council see as victims.

Cllr Jas Athwal, council leader, said: “This is absolutely the right thing for us to do and I’m proud we are leading the way in tackling the issue head on. It’s unacceptable that people going about their daily lives have to put up with being accosted and feeling unsafe.

“The police have undertaken some successful operations to combat prostitution in the borough but the problem persists. The PSPO will have an immediate impact by enabling us to maintain a visible presence on the street, issue fines immediately and disrupt and stop this activity.

“By creating a borough-wide zone, a ring of steel, it also means we will deter people seeking sex services from entering Redbridge in the first place and stop the problem from moving from one area to another.

“I’ve no doubt other councils will be watching our approach and it could lead to others following suit.”

Police Inspector Lee Canter, from the safer neighbourhoods East area, said: “Police in Redbridge have been working hard in partnership with the council to tackle the on street sex trade and the associated anti-social behaviour present in the Ilford Lane area.

“Whilst our starting point will always be engagement, there comes a time where enforcement is necessary and we welcome the PSPO to assist in this task.

“We have listened to local residents and businesses and have carefully considered their rights against those causing anti-social behaviour. Anyone who approaches sex workers either in a vehicle or on foot can expect to be dealt with for any breaches of the PSPO by police or Redbridge Council enforcement officers.

“Plain clothed officers and CCTV will also be utilised to detect any breaches of the PSPO. There is a clear message that we wish to convey, being ‘Redbridge is not a convenient place to obtain sexual services’.”