Redbridge Council wants to introduce a controlled parking zone, but the proposals are proving controversial.

Those living in Horn Lane in Woodford are frustrated by the council’s plans to introduce parking permits through their area and have criticised the authority’s consultation process.

Those living in the residential block, Bradley House, on the road claim they have been completely ignored so far, after expressing “100 per cent opposition” to the plans in the past.

Gary Thwaites, who is 56 and has lived two doors down from Bradley House for the last 25 years, can see no reason for the scheme.

Mr Thwaites took photographs up and down the road for a week to demonstrate the limited traffic in the area.

He said: “It is obviously a money generating scheme, and if it is the council should just say, it should just be honest.

“I just I do not know what the council is up to. There is hardly any traffic and the numbers just do not add up.

“Statistically the consultation is invalid and I do not know anyone in the area that wants it.

“Most of us have driveways anyway, but when we do want to park on the road on those few occasions we don’t want to have to pay a yearly fee.”

Ward councillors have also voiced their concerns over which members of the public are and are not being asked for their views on the idea.

Cllr Clark Vasey said: “This is gaining a lot of opposition from residents who can see that the numbers have been interpreted in such a way as to give the council the results it wants despite clear opposition in the area.

“The scheme only works by ignoring Bradley House without any explanation or redress for residents who opposed controlled parking.

“This is unfair on a majority of residents and the process is turning out to be a shambles.”

A council spokesman said: “We launched consultation on this scheme earlier in the year because residents petitioned us about the parking problems they were experiencing in the area around Woodford Station due to commuters.

“It was important we looked at all the options for freeing up parking provision for local people, and this proposed scheme helps do just that. We are now consulting under the Statutory Traffic Order process and residents still have an opportunity to comment until Friday, October 12.

“Once all these have been received they will be reviewed and taken into consideration when designing any final proposal for the area.”

If you are a resident of Horn Lane, you can register your views by emailing by Friday, October 12.