Labour councillors say they are at “breaking point” and have backed an austerity campaign to stop cuts to local authorities.

All Waltham Forest Labour councillors have signed up to the London General Assembly’s Councils at Breaking Point campaign, calling on the Conservative government to stop axing funding.

A spokesman for Waltham Forest’s Labour group said that since 2010, more than half a billion pounds has been cut from the authority’s budget.

They called the current situation a “crisis.”

Cllr Louise Mitchell, Waltham Forest cabinet member for housing, took to Twitter to show her support.

She said: “I am proud to be part of this campaign. Waltham Forest’s budget has been decimated by Tory cuts and it is time austerity ended. Local people rely on our services and they need to be properly funded.”

The campaign travelled to 10 Downing Street last week to deliver a petition to the government, which has been signed by more than 5,000 Labour councillors from across the UK.

Cllr Clare Coghill, Waltham Forest Council leader, said: “Tory-led governments are going to leave all councils to solely fund all of our work through local revenue. That means poor areas will be poorer and rich areas will be richer.

“We cannot afford to let divisions in our country grow and Brexit poses a tremendous risk – if the economy struggles, there will be less tax taken at a national level and austerity will get even worse.

“Waltham Forest Labour councillors – every last one of us – support the LGA Labour Breaking Point campaign to make sure our services for vulnerable children and adults, libraries and schools – all of the 300 services we provide – are properly funded”.