A teenager who campaigned for the release of a Pakistani Christian woman accused of blasphemy is “elated” after her death sentence was overturned.

Hannah Chowdhry, 14, raised the plight of Asia Bibi by publicly speaking out about the imprisoned mother-of-four.

Last month, the schoolgirl met with Asia’s daughter Eisham Ashiq, 18, and husband Ashiq Masih when she spoke at Notre Dame University in London about the persecution of Pakistan’s Christian minority.

"I met her daughter only three weeks ago. She is only four years older than me and has travelled the world trying to free her mother from her unjust imprisonment,” said Hannah of Chigwell.

“I hugged her and told her I would pray for her mother - a promise I have kept daily.

"When the supreme court gave a verdict in her favour my father woke us up earlier than normal.

“Our whole household was elated. It has been a long campaign.

"I wish I could meet Eisham now and tell her how valuable her efforts were.

“I hope one day to meet Asia Bibi. Her bravery is a testament to us all."

Asia was convicted in 2010 and sentenced to death by hanging for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammed during a row with a group of women in her neighbourhood.

Prosecutors alleged that the women told Asia that she should convert to Islam.

She was later beaten up by a mob at her home and was arrested after a police investigation.

On Wednesday, October 31, the country’s supreme court struck down the death sentence in a landmark decision.

Christians, which make up 1.6 per cent of Pakistan’s population, have been targeted in recent years.

Hannah’s campaign was backed by her father Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association.

Mr Chowdhry said despite the backlash from hard-line Islamists protesting in Pakistan against the acquittal, he is confident Asia will be free soon.

Her family have pleaded with western nations to grant them asylum, saying they fear for their lives.

He said: "If you told me two years ago that Asia Bibi would one day be set free, I would have told you it was not humanly possible. My blog posts have been very pessimistic.

"However, I believe we serve a real and living God and his divine intervention has made possible the impossible.

"Asia Bibi has never called for anger against her persecutors, she has resolutely held to her faith despite the brutality of her solitary confinement - when converting to Islam could have led to her early exit from prison.

"Her stoic, unmatchable bravery is deserving of a Noble Peace prize and I expect she will receive one after narrowly failing to win the Sakharov prize.

"Despite all the rioting and looting by Pakistani citizens incensed with her impending freedom, we are confident that Asia Bibi will be free from her cell and the violent extremism that has made her ancestral homeland a living nightmare for her, in days.”