Wes Streeting has called on the government to adopt a definition of Islamophobia to enable society to “tackle this prejudice head on.”

The Labour MP for Ilford North said the adoption of a definition produced by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims will allow the country to work towards a fairer society.

Mr Streeting is co-chairman of the group which this week published a report after an inquiry into a working definition of Islamophobia and presented its findings to Parliament.

The APPG on British Muslims defines Islamophobia as follows:

“Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.”

Mr Streeting said: “From attacks on hijab-wearing Muslim women on the streets through to the subtle institutional forms that deprives British Muslims an equal opportunity to flourish within our society, Islamophobia is a form of racism and it is growing in our society.

“To tackle it, Islamophobia must be accurately and fully defined and that’s why this inquiry centered around the discussion on a working definition.

“This landmark report brings about a working definition of Islamophobia for the first time, which will allow us to tackle this prejudice head on.

“The adoption of this definition by political parties, statutory agencies and civil society organisations will allow us to turn a corner to move forward towards a fairer society.”

The inquiry took six months to complete and involved working with Muslim organisations and communities, academics, legal experts and parliamentarians.

Chairwoman of the APPG for British Muslims Anna Soubry said the group concluded that Islamophobia is a “real and growing problem throughout the UK”, based on the evidence it heard.

The Conservative MP for Broxtowe said Muslims or those assumed to be Muslims are targeted, abused and discriminated against for no other reason than their religion.

“It is equally obvious that overwhelmingly Islamophobia is rooted in racism and therefore is, racist,” she said.

“This definition recognises this truth and I hope it will now enable the serious work that needs to be done to tackle Islamophobia.”