A health trust promised better blood testing facilities after concerns over waiting times.

Representatives of Barts Health NHS Trust spoke at a Redbridge health scrutiny committee meeting after councillors raised concerns about services at the blood testing centre it runs.

The trust  runs the blood testing service in Wanstead for GP referrals from Whipps Cross Hospital.

A spokesman for local patients said doctors and patients had concerns around queues and waiting times at the centre, as well as the potential safety of ests conducted on site if all blood doctors were not present.

Representatives said patient complaints had led to improved signage on the site.

They also stated that from January 2019 there will be three blood doctors on site at all times with an additional manager.

Redbridge patients can also be referred by their GPs for blood tests at Whipps Cross hospital as well as two other sites outside the borough.

Cllr Daniel Morgan-Thomas, of Wanstead Village ward, said: “I am very pleased that NHS representatives could come to Wanstead and promise a more secure service for blood testing here.

“It is very important that they have taken patient concerns on board and I look forward to seeing a smoother service for local residents in need of blood tests in the future.”

A spokesman for Barts Health NHS Trust said: “We recognise the importance of providing a reliable and efficient blood testing service for local people and apologise to any patients who have had to wait longer than we would like.

“We aim to be fully staffed at the Heronwood and Galleon Unit by the end of this calendar year, which will help make sure patients are seen as quickly as possible.

“We know that the service is likely to remain very busy, so we are working hard to make sure that we communicate how the service operates clearly for our patients.

“We are grateful for the feedback from patients on the service and will continue to work with our commissioners to make improvements for local people.”