People are demanding step-free access at a tube station they say is “not fit for the 21st Century”.

Leytonstone station currently has no train to pavement step-free options and campaigners are planning another protest.

They say catching a train to or from Leytonstone station is impossible for many with mobility problems, and people with small children in buggies or those carrying heavy luggage also find it difficult.

A total of 75 of London’s Underground stations currently have step-free access and more stations are scheduled to be converted.

By 2022, it is expected that 40 per cent of the network will have step-free access, but currently there are no plans for Leytonstone station to be one of those.

Leytonstone station is used by 10 million people every year and campaigners led by members of Waltham Forest Labour Party are calling for change.

Supported by local MP John Cryer and Waltham Forest Council, campaigners say they are confident they will be able to gain traction in the coming weeks and months.

A petition has been created calling for lifts to be installed at the station, which has already gathered more than 1,000 signatures online and more than 5,000 on paper.

Leytonstone tube station was first opened in 1856 and is the nearest underground station to Whipps Cross hospital, part of Barts NHS Trust, the largest NHS trust in the country.

Liz Fenton, chairman of Leytonstone ward Labour Party, said: “Leytonstone is a major hub and the local population is expanding. It is shocking that in the 21st Century many people with mobility issues are still unable to use their local tube station.

“TfL claims to have an ‘equality and inclusion agenda’ but the lack of lifts at our station excludes some people from using the tube. “

Liz Floyd, women’s officer for Leytonstone ward Labour Party, said: “We live in an advanced industrial economy, yet we are being told that there is not enough money to make Leytonstone station fully accessible.

“We have spoken to many local people, young and old, who think the money needs to be found.”

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