Parking permits will be introduced on a large number of roads throughout the town.

Having announced its intentions to limit parking in certain Epping roads for those with permits from 10am to 2.30pm in August last year, the North Essex Parking Partnership confirmed the project at the end of 2018.

The roads including in the scheme are Egg Hall, Margaret Road, Meadow Road, Shaftesbury Road and Beaconfield Avenue, along with 18 others.

Once the scheme is rolled out later this year permits will be sold for £50 for a household's first and £80 for the second.

Visitor permits cost £10.00 for 10 all day stays and £6.00 for ten six hour stays.

An initial maximum of up to 80 Business Permits will be available to businesses based in Epping, which will cost £428 per year.

One man unimpressed with the changes was Peter Gedling of Regent Road.

He said: "I am outraged that this system is going to be introduced after over 30 years of being able to park in my own street without any problems.

"We were advised that the scheme was being considered to control a ‘perceived’ commuter parking problem in the town- who says there is a problem.

"It is not the local residents who are the problem so we should not have to pay to solve it, the commuters should be paying, not the residents."

Mr Gedling suggested that pay and display systems be introduced - with residents exempt, thereby passing the cost on to commuters.

He added: "Better still, make the commuters buy permits at a higher cost.

"They have to park somewhere."

In an email to those who responded to a consultation into the plans Trevor Degville, parking technical manager at the Parking Partnership, made his case for the scheme.

He wrote: "The traffic regulation order has been designed to manage the number of commuter based parkers that are parking on the associated residential roads.

"Some roads that residents may feel do not currently have any commuter based parking have been included in the new scheme to prevent displacement of vehicles onto those roads when the permit parking commences."