In a ‘David and Goliath’-esque battle, one man is taking on the car companies and demanding better customer service.

Wilson Chowdhry from Chigwell has two vehicles a Nissan electric car and a Range Rover but both have recently had issues that he has had difficulties arranging fixes for.

Mr Chowdhry, a parent, was shocked after he was told that a piece of dropped chewing gum by a child had invalidated his warranty for his Range Rover by Grange Motors in Woodford.

The dropped gum fell into the cup holder section of the car and resulted in damage to the car.

He said: “I have seen Tonka cars that are made of sturdier materials.

“I feel disgraced and embarrassed for paying so much money for a worthless car.

“I am extremely disappointed with my purchase. When you buy a high-end car, you expect a better level of quality and robustness.

“That it is not covered by the warranty is a real insult.

“The fact that a piece of chewing gum can cause such destruction is proof that these cars are not childproof.”

Mr Chowdhry said staff at Grange Motors in Woodford laughed at him when he took in his car.

He said: “I was ridiculed by staff who laughed at me as they photographed the chewing gum.”

He added that the car is experiencing sporadic power loss, gear issues, loosening of rubber and unsecure power socket.

He said: “All the other issues with the car only serve to destroy what little confidence I have in this abysmal vehicular product.

“I would never recommend such a brittle vehicle to anyone. These gas guzzlers cause other issues such as increased congestion charge and parking charges in some boroughs.

“Next time I will be buying a much more practical and sleek car, like a Tesla.”

Mr Chowdhry's second car has issues with scratch repair.

Despite paying for a service to manage this damage, for six months appointments to fix his car were rescheduled and the service failed to appear for appointments.

He said: "It's shocking that it has taken six months for the repairs to be done, but at least it is finally fixed."

However, last week the Car Care Plan company that manages Mr Chowdhry's scratch repair service offered a refund of £100 and completed the scratch repairs.

Land Rover, Grange Motors in Woodford  and Car Care Plan have been approached for comment.