Campaigners have welcomed the Mayor of London’s pollution monitoring scheme but say it needs to be met with other measures to really reduce toxic air levels.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan today launched an air quality monitoring network which identifies toxic air hotspots around the capital.

Londoners will then be able to go online to Breath London to see these pollution levels and toxic air hotspots around the capital.

Jemima Hartshorn who founded and runs the Brixton-based environmental campaign group Mums For Lungs, which works all over the capital to try reduce toxic air levels, welcomed the move.

Ms Hartshorn said: “We are supportive of any air quality monitoring but what is really critical is that this is used in conjunction with other schemes to reduce toxic air in the capital.

“We like that the air is being monitored but now up to the mayor and local councils to implement measures that reduce toxic and people’s exposure to toxic air on London’s streets.

“It would be great to have a campaign aimed at drivers to show them that the air is so toxic because people are not aware that by driving they are harming the health of their children and what is really clear is that we really need the Ultra Low Emissions Zone.”

Ms Hartshorn said she had visited the website this morning but said when looking at the toxic air hotspots in the capital she did not see anything which surprised her.

She added: “It is unbelievable. I really hope the map makes people reflect on decisions which could affect their children’s lungs.

“I also hope the map gives policy makers, businesses and individuals an insight into toxic air and hope it sends a message to people about how much they drive and walk. I really hope it does make people reconsider their behaviour.”

The chairman of the London Assembly environment committee, Caroline Russell also welcomed the move by Mr Khan.

But she added: “Knowing there is a problem without the ability to avoid it helps no-one, which is why monitoring can only ever be part of the answer.”