Late-night commuters along the Central line were left bemused after a train announced a stop at an unexpected station - 24 years after it shut.

Several people took to social media sharing an image of the Monday night Eastbound service which on-board displays claimed was destined for Ongar.

The trains off-route destination caused several responses, one person even joking about a "secret service".

In response to the confusion, TFL’s Central Line issued a tweet yesterday afternoon saying: “The picture was actually enough info. I just reported it to the line controller and he said it was a mistake where the driver pressed the wrong button. Sorry if it caused confusion.”

Many residents responded to the image on social media welcoming the closed service, one person saying they were ‘pleasantly surprised’.

Ongar station was opened in 1865 by the Great Eastern Railway and became part of London Transport in 1949.

Until its closure as such in 1994, it was the easternmost point of the Central line

The train continued its journey to Epping as planned.