The country's future is in peril.

On either side of the isle are two dogmatic forces pulling the UK to their extreme, one arguing for a potential economic catastrophe, the other a disaster of democracy.

With March 29 just two months away there is only one route that can save the country - Theresa May's deal.

Below are ten reasons why Stella Creasy should get behind the prime minister.

  1. It’s what the people voted for – we are leaving the EU
  2. It protects jobs and the economy
  3. We have time to find an agreement to preserve peace in Northern Ireland
  4. If an agreement is struck over the Irish border, the UK will once again have control over who comes into the country
  5. A common rulebook will be maintained, allowing us to trade with our closest partners
  6. Workers’ rights and the environment will still be protected, with the deal committing the UK to maintain the EU's social, environmental and labour regulations
  7. The UK will no longer send billions to the EU each year
  8. Once out of the Customs Union, the UK will be able to strike independent trade deals with countries outside the EU
  9. The deal is the only option able to bring political stability and calm to a country divided more than any time in living memory
  10. EU citizens living in the UK would avoid the uncertainty of a no deal Brexit

What do you think?