The book exploring the untold history of Green Party influence in European Parliament has been released.

The book called Greens for a Better Europe: Twenty Years of Green Influence in the European Parliament, 1999-2019, was created based on reflections from current and former Green Party Members of European Parliament Caroline Lucas, Jean Lambert, Keith Taylor and Molly Scott Cato.

Ms Lambert from Waltham Forest has been a London Green Party MEP since 1999.

She contributed a chapter entitled: 'London, Brussels and beyond: my work as a Green MEP'.

She spoke at the launch event held at Europe House in Central London about her efforts

She said: "This book gives an insight into how the Greens have worked with colleagues, across party lines, to make Europe a safer, healthier and greener place. These pages also make it dazzlingly clear that the British political system is broken.

"The UK’s approach, which treats compromise as a dirty word, now threatens to undermine the rights and protections we have fought so hard for. British politicians have a huge amount to learn from their European neighbours about how politics can, and should, be done."

During the launch event the MEP's spoke about the benefits the UK has received from being part of the European Union.

Mr Taylor said: "Brexit is a disaster. This book will inevitably put the spotlight on exactly what we have to lose. But it also sets out a vision for how Greens can maintain our internationalist efforts to collaborate with our allies across Europe, and the world, to tackle the biggest crises facing our planet today."

When asked about outcomes for Brexit, Ms Lambert joked: "I have gin and champagne in the fridge ready for all eventualities."