As the number of domestic abuse incidents reported to police rises nationally, one council wants to raise awareness of the support systems it has in place to help victims and perpetrators alike.

Waltham Forest Council said it is determined to support victims and witnesses of domestic abuse through partly and fully funding community projects that offer outreach services to those affected by abuse at home.

The eight services supported by the authority include one-on-one therapy for victims, support for children who have witnessed abuse and guidance for those at risk of perpetrating.

There are also two council-funded refuges in the borough for those fleeing domestic violence; one for single women and one for women and children.

Other projects targeted to ethnic minority give focussed support to those from particular backgrounds.

One particular project provides work for perpetrators of domestic violence, helping them become aware of the attitudes that underpin their abusive behaviour and to challenge them.

The authority said this particular scheme is “yielding serious dividends”.

A spokeswoman for Waltham Forest Council said: “What is interesting and innovative about Waltham Forest is the fact that we do take a whole family approach, so not only are the victims of domestic violence supported, but we work closely with the police to make sure children who have witnessed domestic violence in the home received immediate support, from their schools and requisite agencies.

“As it is beginning to come clear, we cannot underestimate the effects of witnessing domestic violence as this has been the common thread appearing in most of the histories of the young people involved in knife crime.

“There is also a programme which works with the perpetrators of domestic violence, which is very relevant, as the feedback from the domestic violence sphere is that this kind of work is yielding serious dividends in helping to reduce levels of domestic violence, by helping men come to terms with what they are doing to their partners and families.”

The full list of programmes on offer in the borough and details are as follows:

  • Solace Women’s Aid (funded by LBWF): provides advice for women facing violence at home and supports victims of rape. Call 0808 802 5565 or visit
  • Therapeutic Marketplace (funded by LBWF): a network that provides contact details and other access to a number of support services from one referral route. Visit
  • Refuge (funded by LBWF): runs the two refuges in the borough for those fleeing domestic violence. Call 0808 2000 247 or visit
  • RISE (funded by LBWF): provide work for the perpetrators and challenge them on their behaviours to break the cycle of domestic violence. Visit
  • Ashiana Network (part funded by LBWF): focused on empowering Turkish, Iranian and South Asian women who are victims of domestic violence. Call 020 8539 0427 or email
  • Kiran Project (part funded by LBWF): provide support for women during their stay at a refuge. Call 020 8558 1986 or visit
  • Ask Me Project (funded by LBWF): recruits ambassadors to spread awareness of domestic abuse in the borough, providing training and support to those who need it. Visit
  • Operation Encompass (funded by LBWF): provides safeguarding and support for children and young people who have witntessed domestic abuse that police were called out to. This is an initiative between the authority and the police.
  • Stay Safe East (not funded by LBWF): provides support to deaf and disabled victims of domestic abuse, bullying and hate crime in East London. Call 020 8519 7241 or visit
  • IMECE Outreach Service (funded by London Councils): supports Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish Cypriot women who are victims of domestic abuse. Call 0207 354 1359 or visit