A mosaic artwork piece outside an Underground station is undergoing restoration.

The black shying horse artwork outside the Blackhorse Road station exterior from sculptor David McFall and mosaic artist Trata Drescha is undergoing restoration.

The mosaic was originally installed at the station's opening in 1968 and has not received any work since.

Over the years, the mosaic has become chipped, with tiles missing in places, and the fibreglass of the black horse had degraded in some areas.

Conservation officer at TfL said: "We want to restore these artworks so they can be enjoyed by residents and customers for years to come.

"Work has already started on restoring this artwork. We have carried out a photographic survey and removed some of the mosaic tiles to understand the extent of restoration work needed.

"We have safely removed some of the mosaic tiles which will be restored, though some tiles are missing or have degraded beyond repair and will need to be replaced with new tiles.

"The fibreglass black horse also has areas of damage and options for safely removing the horse for repair are currently being considered in conjunction with the team at Waltham Forest Council."

It is unknown when exactly the work will be completed as it is dependent on the level of restoration work required which is still being considered by Transport for London and Waltham Forest Council.