There were three letters last week from leave supporters. None of them made any suggestion as to how we survive economically if they have their way.

This country needs to trade! After almost three years the Government has secured a trade deal with the Faroe Islands!

What will happen if we leave is that the Government will go cap-in-hand to the USA and ask for a trade deal and we will be so desperate they will accept any terms. We will have to import their dangerous and unhygienic food and we will have to accept American companies taking over parts of the NHS, not to provide a service but to make profits for rich Americans.

We have already seen the protectionist attitude of the USA when they tried to impose a 292 per cent tariff on aircraft components from Bombardier. Any deal will be to our disadvantage and we would have little power to negotiate.

If we stay in the European Union we are an equal partner with negotiating rights and influence. Outside we will be an insignificant country, bowing to the whims of unrestrained capital.

Chris Sumner

by email