Mr Johnson appears to believe in majority votes when it is Remain MPs refusing to carry out instructions from the referendum. However he disrespects the referendum result itself when 17.4 million decided to leave.

When the referendum was established we were promised our decision would be carried out, but it has not been done.

During the debates we were repeatedly told “leave” would mean leaving the Customs Union and the Single Market, yet now MPs want to keep us in those damaging and costly structures.

There is no need to worry about trading on terms established by the World Trade Organisation, as most countries do and we also do with them. Many of them have increased trade even with the EU faster than among EU countries themselves.

There is no need for Mr Sumner to be anxious about our future as an independent nation, just like most of the world which is not in the EU.

All in all we must say “Better Off Out”.

Andrew Smith

Hemnall Street, Epping