While I accept that leaving the European Union was won by a very small majority of voters, there was an important element missing from that campaign. Democracy depends on there being an informed electorate!

We were told: £350 million would be saved and could be spent on the NHS – rubbish!

The UK would easily secure deals with the rest of the World on Day 1 – this has not and will not happen!

Turkey was about to join the EU – this will not happen!

The EU would bow to our wishes and we would have the same benefits outside the EU as being a member – rubbish!

The leave campaign (with its funding from Russia) failed to mention: Kent would become a lorry park with hold-ups at the ports! There would be difficulty getting medicines, foods and component parts for UK factories! And that the economy would shrink making us all poorer. especially those already struggling to manage.

Now that the potential shape of Brexit is becoming clearer, is it not sensible that the vote be put again to the British people to see if this is what they really want?

Chris Sumner

By email