Children burnt masks of things that scared them in a bonfire as part of Mayday festivities.

Pupils at Hillyfield Primary Academy learnt about the history and traditions of the spring festival, including dancing around the Maypole.

Pupils collected kindling for Chingford May Day Fayre bonfire in the school grounds and Higham Hill Park, labelling the bundles with their hopes and fears, as well as creating scary masks of things that lurk in Epping Forest to be put on the fire.

And they made eco plaques to protest against the risk of some of the forest at Chingford Plain being turned into housing and made up eco chants about causes they care about.

Dance specialist Rachel West said: "The school buzzed with fun and enthusiasm. Some children protested around the school with their eco plaques and others went into the park to collect kindle sticks; it was even fun getting tangled up in the maypole!"

“At Hillyfield, the creative arts team feel it is important for children’s learning to be enriched through creative activities, so they get different learning experiences.

We wanted children to feel connected to the community and other schools and to have a chance to see their artwork displayed on a large scale.

“May Day is great opportunity to reflect on nature and celebrate the new summer season and we really wanted the children to be a part of this.”