A Walthamstow schoolboy may be a star athlete in the making.

Tyler Reynolds, 7, from Greenleaf Primary School in Walthamstow, is winning competition after competition – even beating the European 100m sprint record for his age group.

He competed at Lee Valley Athletics club, and also took part in separate races held in Oxford.

So far he has not lost a race to anyone in his age group, has broken the previous 100m sprint record – and his dream is to be an Olympic world champion.

His mum, Tracey James, said: “He has always loved running, ever since he could walk. He started winning competitions at school. His uncle said he should go to the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, where his daughter trains. Once there he went to competition after competition."

Tyler also got the chance to meet Dwain Chambers, credited as being one of the fastest ever European sprinters, and told him, “I will beat all the records soon. I will be Olympic and world champion!”

Although Tyler has competed in several different races, his favourite races are the 100, 80 and 60 meters. He has also beaten the previous European 100 metre sprint record for his age – the previous was 15.92 seconds and Tyler achieved 15.34.

Despite the demands of training and competing, Tyler’s school life has not been affected, and he is doing well in his studies.

Mum Tracey: “I’m very proud. The teachers have only good things to say about him. He is very hardworking.”

Tracey also speaks about her feelings about Tyler’s future: “I hope he achieves his dreams”.