A rising star in the London hip hop scene is set to perform at a Chingford music festival.

Lemzi (real name Tony Alex Lemom) has been on the UK hip hop/rap scene since 2011. Lemzi describes his music as ‘feel good’ – and he says he hopes people might feel a little better after listening.

Lemzi also says that his music is ‘very personal’, reflecting on his own experiences and issues in his community.

He said: “My music comes from when I have felt something strongly or when I have been directly involved in a situation. Music for me is very much about self–expression. For example on my last album, one of the tracks is about mental health, another is about self-belief and self empowerment. There are also lyrics about social issues, as well as relationships. There are different facets of life that I try to convey in my music.”

Lemzi has already had many collaborations with other musicians, and has shared a stage with up and coming performers such as hip hop artist Akala and contemporary soul musician NAO.

His current musical style is hip hop, which he feels allows him more of a narrative, and enables him to say more. However, his roots are in the UK grime scene.

He said: “Grime is very interesting because a lot of people start off there and spread into other types of music. Stormzy is a good example. You can see the development in his artistry, using elements of gospel, hip hop etc. It’s also great to see UK artists spread their music.”

Asked about his ambitions for the future, he said simply "To be on the top! Being able to do big festivals, big stages, to make my music spread through to all the corners of the world!”

Lemzi has organised small events in the past, but he hopes that one day he will have his own music festival.

Lemzi will perform at Chingfest on Saturday, August 31 at Ridgeway Park, Chingford. For more information about the festival, visit



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