Three councillors have shared their views on the district MP’s decision to stand as a candidate to become the next Speaker for the House of Commons.

Dame Eleanor Laing announced her decision via Twitter on the same day John Bercow said he will step down on Monday, September 9.

The Epping Forest MP has been a Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons since being elected in 2013, replacing fellow Tory, Nigel Evans.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Dame Eleanor expressed her interest in pursuing Mr Bercow’s role in an interview with The House Magazine back in February.

Should she be elected, the MP will be second woman to serve as Speaker in history since Labour politician, Betty Boothroyd.

Labour MPs Chris Bryant, Harriet Harman and Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Conservative Sir Edward Leigh and SNP Pete Wishart are other confirmed candidates.

Here are some of Epping Forest councillors’ reactions to Monday’s news:

Cllr Stephen Murray Independent Party and District Councillor for Loughton Roding Ward

“The residents of Epping Forest would be denied a normal political choice at General Election time as it is a long-standing tradition that the other major political parties do not contest the Speaker's parliamentary seat.

“I for one and I am sure many other residents would be deeply unhappy about this major infringement of our general election voting choice and democratic rights.”

Cllr Holly Whitbread – Conservative Party and District Councillor for Epping Lindsey and Thornwood Common Ward

“I am delighted that my local Member of Parliament, Dame Eleanor Laing, has put her name forward for the election to become Speaker of the House of Commons.

“Eleanor would be a brilliant Speaker. She has excellent experience as Deputy Speaker, during turbulent political times.

“Eleanor has demonstrated her deep understanding of parliamentary procedure and is extremely dignified.

“It would also be fantastic to see another woman take the Speaker’s chair.”

Cllr Dave Plummer – Green Party and District Councillor for Waltham Abbey South West Ward

“Since 2013, when Eleanor Laing was elected to the position of Deputy Speaker, the people of Epping Forest have had no representation in the House of Commons.

“Speakers and Deputy Speakers can’t contribute to debates or vote on policy, meaning that we’ve had nobody to fight our corner.

“If Eleanor is elected as Speaker we will continue to have no representation and, as convention dictates that Speakers are unchallenged in General Elections, we will have no opportunity to elect an MP who will speak up for us.

“Eleanor is consistently elected by a clear majority. I hope that she will reconsider her decision to stand as Speaker and take this opportunity to stand down as Deputy Speaker, so that she can fulfil the role we’ve asked of her: represent Epping Forest in the House of Commons.”