The meeting location where residents can meet the parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in Epping Forest has been upgraded due to popular demand.

Businessman and MP hopeful Darren Selkus had originally planned to hold a discussion on policy issues at the Forest Gate Inn, Epping.

Instead, the public event will be hosted at the Hemnall Social Club, Hemnall Street, Epping, on Thursday, September 19, at 7.30pm with the bar opening from 6.15pm.

The evening will also be covered by Dutch National Tabloid Algemeen Dagblad who want to hear the personal side of Brexit and speak to leave supporters.

Speaking ahead of the event, Mr Selkus said: “Before filling in my application as a Brexit Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate I investigated the responsibility of an MP.

“Not being a career politician and only intending to serve one term I concluded my responsibility would be for 5 years to vigorously represent the people that elected me.

“I feel strongly it’s important to remain grounded, available to all constituents and serve their interests.

“Our meeting Thursday evening is to discuss local issues so together we can target the ones Epping Forest hold as a priority.”

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