ISIS ‘matchmaker’ has shared an open letter begging to be able to return to the UK.

Tooba Gondal, 25, who left her home in 2015 from Walthamstow to live in Raqqa, wishes to return to the UK with her two children as she wants to prove that she is a “changed person.”

Ms Gondal is mostly known for being the one to reportedly lure women to become an ISIS bride. One person she was reported to be the matchmaker for Shamima Begum, an ISIS bride who previously begged to return to the UK.

Since then, she has constantly been trying to flee from ISIS when she reappeared in the Ain Issa camp in northern Syria with her two children. Ms Gondal was attempting to reach the Turkish border of Baghuz, before she was stopped and handed over to western-backed Kurdish.

The Sunday Times shared the public letter where Ms Gondal begged to return to the UK and to prove that she has changed from when she last left the UK. She said: “I was a vulnerable target to Isis recruiters. I was manipulated and persuaded that it was an obligation as a Muslim to travel to Syria.

“I never became a member of Isis. I was forced at many stages to marry and I can’t say how many times I tried to escape. I wanted to leave from the start, but it became impossible. These criminals threatened to kill my babies.

“I desperately wish for the British government to take us back. I want to prove that I am a changed person; a much better individual for society.”

In the letter, Ms Gondal also explained that both herself and her children Asiya, 18 months, and Ibrahim, 3, suffered war injuries during their time in Syria. She claims that they have also “endured starvation is sieges.”

Ms Gondal also uses her letter as a platform to propose that she can face justice in a British court and that her children are spared since they are “completely innocent.”

When Begum, 19, previously asked to be accepted in the UK, many people voiced their strong opposition against her return. Home Secretary Priti Patel stated this week that Begum will not be allowed back in the UK.

Ms Patel said: “Our job is to keep our country safe. We don’t need people who have done harm and left our country to be part of a death cult and to perpetuate that ideology.

“We cannot have people who would do us harm allowed to enter our country – and that includes this woman.”