A teacher has been found guilty of misconduct after a disciplinary panel found he turned up to work drunk.

Mr Adeniyi Oyeyele-Green, formerly a science teacher at Chingford Foundation School, came to school intoxicated on November 1, 2018, a conduct panel heard.

He had only been a teacher at the school for two months.

The disciplinary panel, held by the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) on September 3, found he had attended school drunk and was guilty of misconduct, following testimony from witnesses.

The 34-year-old teacher did not attend the hearing.

On November 1, members of staff reported that Mr Oyeyele-Green was acting in a manner not “consistent with his usual way”.

Teachers reported he smelt of alcohol and his clothing was covered in stains, which he claimed to be chocolate milk.

One witness described Mr Oyeyele-Green's manner as being worried and antagonistic on the morning of the incident.

The witness stated he was slurring his words, talking in an incoherent manner and avoiding eye contact.

Another witness described Mr Oyeyele-Green as having red-eyes and babbling and incoherent in speech.

A third witness told the panel they saw him telling staff in the prep room how he had been to the pub for one drink and ended up staying all night. “It was like he was still drunk from the night before”, the witness said.

Prior to the disciplinary hearing, Mr Oyeyele-Green had accepted he had been drinking the night before but denied he was drunk or under the influence of alcohol at school.

He was suspended from his position on November 1, 2018 and resigned on November 23.

A spokesperson for the school said: “We are unable to add anything further to the report findings; safeguarding is of the highest priority in the school and the matter was dealt with swiftly in accordance with our policies.

“The teacher never returned to employment at the school and the incident resulted in a referral to the TRA.”