A nursery has been rated ‘Inadequate’ by a national watchdog for failing to stimulate children and provide a ‘safe’ environment.

Giggle Tots Day Nursery, in Wallwood Road, Leytonstone, was rated ‘Inadequate’ in all four inspection criteria by Ofsted following a visit September.

The report, published on October 24, criticised staff for failing to “supervise the children well.”

Inspector Linda du Preez wrote: “They do not adjust where they are placed to keep an oversight of children's safety. They fail to avoid accidents in the garden, for example during balancing activities.

“Furthermore, they do not see when children are hurt after falling over. Consequently, children turn to visitors for help.”

Staff were also criticised for not providing a “stimulating environment.”

Linda du Preez added: “There are times when young children do not get the attention they need and sit alone without any positive interactions.

“Children lose interest and become bored during activities such as singing and action games in the toddler room.

“Some activities for older children are uninspiring and do not provide them with suitable levels of challenge. Consequently, children do not develop skills to their fullest potential in readiness for their eventual move to school.”

The nursery was praised by the majority of parents the inspector spoke to, who said they felt staff cared well for their children. Some parents expressed worry at staff turnover.

Children were also described as being “very well behaved” and praised for sharing and collaborating well with one another.

Nursery manager Natasha Blackwell rejected the report’s findings and said she had submitted formal complaint, querying the accuracy of the report and questioning the basis and justification of the criticisms.

Natasha, who has been running the nursery since March this year, said she could assure parents their children were perfectly safe, pointing to the ‘Outstanding’ Giggle Tots nursery in Walthamstow.

In April this year, Giggle Tots Day Nursery, in Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow, was rated ‘Outstanding’ – the highest possible grade – in all four inspection criteria.