This month we’re celebrating Make a Difference Day – a day when we recognise our incredible volunteers. We are incredibly lucky to welcome thousands of vibrant volunteers to our charity every year, and I’d like to take a moment to tell your readers why we couldn’t do without them.

I work for Revitalise – a wonderful charity that creates holidays for disabled people and carers. Our guests are at the heart of what we do and each week they are joined by an army of volunteers to get the party started, and keep it going.

In the last year alone, our volunteers donated around 3,500 weeks of their time to support our guests at Jubilee Lodge in Chigwell, Essex. Whether our guests would like to go on one of our excursions, make the most of our party nights, or if they’d simply prefer to spend time relaxing at our centres, we can always count on our volunteers to make each and every holiday memorable.

And, for everything our volunteers give, we want them to gain just as much in return. They’ll learn about life and love from the experts – our guests. They’ll learn about themselves and to work in a team, and they’ll learn that everyone loves to have fun regardless of age or (dis)ability.

So why not pledge to make a difference this month and join the thousands of other volunteers making a difference in their communities? Because at Revitalise, everyone ends up better off for being together.

To find out more about Revitalise or the volunteering opportunities we have waiting for you, please visit: or call: 0303 303 0163. Thank you.

Abby Kessock-Philip, Revitalise