Environmental campaigners called for a fast food giant to stop “flame-grilling” the Amazon.

Waltham Forest Greenpeace volunteers protested vociferously outside Leyton Mills Burger King earlier this month.

Campaigners say Burger King’s use of animal feed made with soya is fuelling deforestation.

The Brazilian Amazon is facing mass deforestation as farmers clear ground for soya and meat farms.

Burger King, in a statement to the BBC earlier this year, admitted its chicken and some of the beef is fattened on soya animal feed, and the fast-food giant also admitted on social media it buys chicken directly from Brazil.

Leyton residents showed support for the campaign, signing a petition and writing messages calling on big fast-food businesses to clean up their supply chains by refusing to source meat and soya from Brazil until the Amazon and its people are protected.

One Leyton Greenpeace volunteer, Glyn Roberts, said: “Although the Amazon is more than 5,000 miles away, there’s a Burger King on our doorstep. Most people order fries with their burger, but this fast-food chain is serving up forest fires instead. ”

He described the vast forest as the “lungs of our planet”, vital to combating climate change and urged people to help fight back by joining the campaign and by reducing meat consumption.

Burger King did not respond to comment.