The Cameron government spent millions in taxpayers' money to make the case for remaining in the EU and the Remain campaign spent even more. Cameron and Osborne had their friends in foreign governments (including Obama), the CBI, Bank of England, big companies, the Corporation of London, Committee of Lloyd’s and so many others all told us we had to stay in.

The media were full of Brexit points for months.

The Leave campaign spent millions and had public meetings and there was literature through the doors up and down the country. Debates took place in pubs, workplaces and over garden fences. It is simply not credible for Frank Jackson (Letters, November 4) to claim the issues were not debated in full.

The consequences of a Leave vote were spelled out in detail; including by arch-Remainer Nick Clegg: if we voted leave we would quit the Customs Union and the Single Market. All very clear.

The Liberal Democrats (sic) are now campaigning for a straight reversal of the referendum result along with PC and the Greens: ignore the peoples’ choice. Labour wants another referendum but it would not be a second chance to say what we said before. Remainers want to ask us what sort of Remain we would accept because they do not want to enact the Leave we chose by a convincing majority.

Unfortunately the General Election will not seal the issue. If the Conservatives get a majority they intend to sign a new Treaty which makes us (in Mr Johnson’s words) a vassal state of the EU subject to the costs, directives, regulations and adjudication of the ECJ for years to come. That is not freedom and it is not leaving. In that case the campaign will go on for eventual liberty and self-government.

Indeed, if we don’t like the outcome, let’s all put off the result for over three years and demand another vote - that is what Parliament has done under the leadership of the ex-speaker and the Remainer MPs.

Andrew Smith

Hemnall Street, Epping