PUPILS from Woodbridge High School got some hands-on experience in the working world when they took part in Take Our Daughters To Work Day.

Around 70 girls spent a day working alongside their parents in a host of different jobs and careers. The day was arranged by the Guide Association and aimed to give pupils "first-hand experience" of what it could be like when they leave school.

Youngsters from year eight at the Woodford Green school came back full of enthusiasm for the scheme.

Pupil Kim Stenner said: "I went to work with my mum in the Whitefield Special Needs School. You would think it's easy work but it is very hard. Some of the children have behaviour problems. They were blind and deaf too."

Tarina Mason spent the day in the Commonwealth Secretariat office.

She said: "I spent the morning learning about the current project my dad was working on. Trinidad contacted my dad's department asking for assistance. There was land they needed to buy and they wanted my dad to send over a lawyer.

"I had to send some faxes and then phone up the place I had sent them and see if they received them. I loved my experience and would recommend it to any girl."

Sarwat Baig also spent the day in the Commonwealth Secretariat office, where she learned different skills.

She said: "The new skills that I learned included photocopying, creating and printing labels on the computer, mixing in an office environment and preparing letters for dispatch.

"I also had to locate files stored in alphabetical and numerical order and find documents in files in date order. I would encourage every girl to participate in Take Our Daughters To Work Day."

Sandeep Saib got the chance to work in his family's business.

He said: "I went with my aunty and grandma to the market to get some food for their shop. When my uncle closed the shop, I got to count the money".

All of the students said they enjoyed themselves.