Hugh Grant was out campaigning with the Labour Party last night - but was met with heckles from anti-racism protesters.

The actor faced questions on why he was supporting an allegedly "racist" party as he canvassed alongside Labour candidate Faiza Shaheen in the Chingford and Woodford Green constituency on Wednesday.

The Love Actually star is a supporter of tactical voting to prevent a Conservative majority at the election - and has previously campaigned alongside Liberal Democrat candidate Luciana Berger in Finchley and Golders Green.

During the evening, Grant was met with cheering crowds as he joined Ms Shaheen, but was confronted by the small band of protesters.

And while delivering an outdoor speech to a crowd of dozens of Labour supporters, he was asked if local Jewish residents should vote for the party.

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Deborah Markham, a Jewish protestor at the event, said: “We want anybody but Corbyn being voted into power because we are very scared as a Jewish community about the repercussions on us. I am scared for my family and children and grandchildren."

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Anti-Corbyn signs during the rally (photo credit James Cowen)

She also added that Mr Corbyn "is not fit to be a Prime Minister". 

Ms Shaheen said she and the party were "very sorry" about "mistakes" made over the speed of responding to complaints of anti-Semitism.

She added: "I am being subject to Islamophobia and it's been really upsetting actually being a woman of colour running here and being subject to the racism."

Ms Shaheen urged local residents to back her so she could help address the "underlying causes of Brexit".

She added: "We have to do something about those huge regional inequalities, we have to do something about the lack of investment in our NHS, in our schools, we have to do something to tackle the way in which we talk about immigration and the endless scapegoating."

During the evening, Grant urged people to vote tactically to avoid a Conservative majority and told the East London Guardian the area was “noisy, feisty and a fun place to do some canvassing”.

The star added: “I am trying to do my best to get out with any candidate who stands a great chance of taking out a Tory at this Election and here that candidate is Faiza.

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“In terms of Brexit I think it is 50:50 here with a slight edge towards remain. And I think Faiza has a fantastic chance of getting the seat here. And what a marvellous result that would be.”

During the evening Grant said: “What I have been attempting to do is to remind everyone that in a week’s time the Conservatives could have a majority and if that happens those of us who have come to believe leaving the EU would be a terrible mistake will face a hard Brexit.”